Little Oral Annie Biography

Little Oral Annie BiographyLittle Oral Annie: AKA (Andrea Parducci,Anita Laiz,Annie Owens,Li’l Oral Annie,Little "Oral" Annie,Little Oral Anne,Oral Annie )
Birthday: January 13, 1960

Astrology: Capricorn
Birthplace: Los Angeles ,
Years Active: 1978- 2007
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: 38C-27-37
Height: 165
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: No
Piercing: No
Frequent partners: Joey Silvera, Kevin James, Mike Horner, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron
Website: n/a


Little Oral Annie (born January 13, 1960 as Andrea Parducci) is a former porn actress who came to prominence in the 1980s. Her moniker is an ironic reference to the fictional character Little Orphan Annie. She is sometimes credited as Annie Owens or Andrea Parducci.The busty 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m) adult actress came to fame in the wake of legend Linda Lovelace at the end of the 1970s in what came to be known as the Golden Age of Porn. Like Lovelace, she was known for her performance of oral sex, particularly deep throating. She was widely featured in the well-known Swedish Erotica series, and was part of what many consider the greatest wave of adult film performers in the medium’s history. She later starred in a series of feature films highlighting her talents throughout the 1980s.A less well-known part of her career saw her starring in a series of sexual fetish film shorts, in which Annie took both dominant and submissive roles. For the latter, Annie allowed realistic bondage (including breast bondage) and corporal punishment (spanking, flagellation). She did some sexy-wrestling and cat-fighting short-footages for various companies, such as Triumph Studios and Curtis DuPont.

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Lynn Stevens sex – “A Touch of Genie”

Name: A Touch of Genie

Director: Joe Sarno

Country: United States

Year: 1974

Language: English

Duration: 82 min

Categories: Lynn Stevens sex, 1974, United States, English, Joe Sarno, Tina Russell, Ultramax, Sandy Fox, Lynn Stevens, Ro Tasha, Harry Reems, Levi Richards

Actress: Tina Russell,Ultramax,Sandy Fox,Lynn Stevens,Ro Tasha

Actors: Harry Reems,Levi Richards

What do you get when you mix madcap Jewish humor with the Superstars of Seventies adult cinema? A Touch of Genie is director Joe Sarnos outrageous long-lost tribute to a boyhood spent at raucous Lower East Side comedies (and an adulthood spent writing and directing some of the finest adult films to ever grace a grindhouse screen). Poor Melvin! His meddling mum is making him nutz. His only relief is the covert afternoons he spends at New Yorks notorious Times Square porn theaters. One day, Melvin discovers a genie in a flask. What does he wish? To become his favorite adult superstars and indulge in wild sexual adventures with the sexiest women of the silver screen. Starring Doug Stone as Melvin Finkelfarb and Ultramax – the First Lady of New York Porn! – as his yiddishe mama. Also featuring over-the-top performances by grindhouse greats Harry Reems, Tina Russell, and Eric Edwards. After Hours Cinema presents A Touch of Genie restored from a newly found film element. First time ever on home video!


Lili Marlene : Vintage 1980s porn

Lili Marlene : Vintage 1980s porn

Name: Hot School Reunion

Director: Jonah Whalin

Duration: 65 min

Year: 1984

Language: English

Country: United States

Actors: Jon Martin,Dan T Mann

Categories: Vintage 1980s porn, Lili Marlene, 1984, United States, English, Jonah Whalin, Lili Marlene, Mauvais DeNoir, Tigr, Desiree Lane, Sharon Mills, Jon Martin, Dan T Mann, Facial, Interracial, Lesbian, Masturbation, Black

Actress: Lili Marlene,Mauvais DeNoir,Tigr,Desiree Lane,Sharon Mills

Lili Marlene : Vintage 1980s porn

a series of mysterious letters to old schoolmates bring a bunch oflovely girls back to at private meeting place. Old sexual longings arereplaced by lots of new lovemaking that is sure to stir up hot passionsfor everyone, including the viewer.


John Leslie in classic porn star pic

John Leslie in classic porn star pic

Denise Weber videos in “French Romance”

Name: French Romance

Language: English

Country: France

Director: Lucien Hustaix

Duration: 57 min

Year: 1974

Actress: Claudia Zante,Minia Malove,Denise Weber

Actors: Jacques Marbeuf,Robert Le Ray,Jacques Couderc,Guy Bonnafoux,Marcel Richard

Categories: Denise Weber videos, 1974, France, English, Lucien Hustaix, Claudia Zante, Minia Malove, Denise Weber, Jacques Marbeuf, Robert Le Ray, Jacques Couderc, Guy Bonnafoux, Marcel Richard

This film is the same as one titled French Romance listed elsewhere in this database. It also stars Robert le Ray, an older gentleman who often appeared in these type of typical French sex farces from the mid seventies. It is a simple tale concerning a local landowning lady who looses her prized cat (La Chatte) and offers herself as a reward to anyone who finds the errant pussy – a kind of cat for cat trade, if you get my meaning. Robert le Ray, as her philandering husband, is mortified and consoles himself in the arms of most of the local womenfolk. The local menfolk start abducting every feline they can get their hands on to try to claim the prize. Even when their offerings turn out to be the wrong cat, the lady and her very able maid take pity on each man in turn and provide some horizontal compensation. Word gets around the village quickly and you can just see the lengthy queues forming outside the manor house. The film is available in soft and fairly explicit versions. You have been warned.


Retro porn 70th : “Hot Circuit”

Name: Hot Circuit

Director: Richard Lerner

Country: United States

Duration: 80 min

Language: English

Year: 1971

Categories: Retro porn 70th, 1971, United States, English, Richard Lerner, Pris Teen, Simone Fallique, Joy Ball, Kit Fox, Sally Paradise, April Lace, Carol Orange, Dana Marlboro, Irene Foster, Mona Lott, Julie Love, Jack Dusquesne, Jack da Haven, Elmo Hassel, Shokan Hill, Phil Luck, Rick Smith, Facial

Actress: Pris Teen,Simone Fallique,Joy Ball,Kit Fox,Sally Paradise,April Lace,Carol Orange,Dana Marlboro,Irene Foster,Mona Lott,Julie Love

Actors: Jack Dusquesne,Jack da Haven,Elmo Hassel,Shokan Hill,Phil Luck,Rick Smith

Burning Action Across The Board! Touch this and you’ll surely get burned. The Hot Circuit takes you on a non stop trip of sexual conduct – some acceptabel & some totally biz-arre! Hot women and horny men get into the depths of the sexual world we live in. There can be no holding back when you are on the hot circuit!


Classic 80s porn in “Marina La Calda Ninfomane”

Name: Marina La Calda Ninfomane

Language: Italian

Duration: 73 min

Country: Italy

Director: Antonio D’Agostino

Year: 1987

Categories: Classic 80s porn, 1987, Italy, Italian, Antonio D’Agostino, Karin Schubert, Marina Hedman, Rocco Siffredi, Roberto Malone, Christophe Clark

Actress: Karin Schubert,Marina Hedman

Actors: Rocco Siffredi,Roberto Malone,Christophe Clark

Film tutto sommato nella norma di meta/fine anni 80 con un vari fastidiosi temi musicali in sottofondo (immancabili del resto) ma che ha il pregio di mostrarci un giovane Rocco Siffredi impegnato con la signora Lotar, l’episodio piu interessante infatti e sicuramente il 7, come il voto che gli assegno, che sarebbe stato un 6 e mezzo se non fosse per la performance che ho appena nominato.


Classic boob pics – Amber Aroused – Classic Nudist, Vintage Bdsm Art

Classic boob pics – Amber Aroused – Classic Nudist, Vintage Bdsm Art

German classic porn tubes in “Zwei geile aufreisser”

Name: Zwei geile aufreisser

Duration: 86 min

Year: 1978

Language: German

Director: Claude Pierson

Country: France

Actress: Barbara Moose,France Lomay,Liliane Lemieuvre,Jenny Feeling,Claude Janna,Alexandra Sand,Marion Schultz


Categories: German classic porn tubes, 1978, France, German, Claude Pierson, Barbara Moose, France Lomay, Liliane Lemieuvre, Jenny Feeling, Claude Janna, Alexandra Sand, Marion Schultz