Jenny Lane free porn : “Barbie’s Fantasy”

Name: Barbie’s Fantasy

Country: United States

Duration: 68 min

Year: 1974

Language: English

Director: Claude Goddard

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Jeffrey Hurst,Brad Fuller,Butch Brady

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Actress: Jenny Lane,Maureen Anderson,Nina Michaels,Sue Kelly

This lovely teenager has a series of lewd ideas – being gang-banged, having sex with several guys at the same time, lesbian sex, oral sex, and so on. Her shrink advises her to get rid of these daydreams as he masturbates to them. Then he tells her to experience on of her fantasies in order to free herself. Barbie seduces her little guy and is magically cured.


Retro sex clips : “Angie Undercover Cop”

Name: Angie Undercover Cop

Director: Navred Reef

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 70 min

Year: 1979

Actors: Eric Edwards,Bobby Astor,Zebedy Colt,Ashley Moore,David Ruby,Ron Hudd,Roger Caine,Alan Marlow,David Pierce,Tony Mansfield,Gary Cook,Faceless Guy,Navred Reef

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Actress: Vanessa Del Rio,Samantha Fox,Arcadia Lake,Merle Michaels,Rikki O’Neal,Heather Young,Marcia Minor,Robin Byrd,Ellyn Grant