Classic porn blogs french : “Exigences Tres Speciales”

Name: Exigences Tres Speciales

Year: 1982

Country: France


Duration: 68 min

Language: French

Actors: Alban Ceray,Jean-Pierre Armand,Christophe Clark,Gabriel Pontello,Andre Kay

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Actress: Marilyn Jess,Olinka Hardiman,Marianne Aubert


Classic porn blogs french – “Perverse Isabelle”

Name: Perverse Isabelle

Director: Jose Benazeraf

Country: France

Duration: 71 min

Language: French

Year: 1975

Actress: Mylene d’Antes,Lin Lay

Actors: Jacques Couderc,Gregory,Christiane Surreau,Gerard Ouradou,Philippe Tremain,Z. Gremenech

Categories: Classic porn blogs french, 1975, France, French, Jose Benazeraf, Mylene d’Antes, Lin Lay, Jacques Couderc, Gregory, Christiane Surreau, Gerard Ouradou, Philippe Tremain, Z. Gremenech

Two crooks flee in their Ford Mustang. They found a girl in the forest. They take her with them to their refuge, a nice modern villa in the countryside. Here, their boss or protector (he has a huge cock) is not so pleased with this girl: this was not planned. But his wife (the one with curly hair) is a lesbian, so she is very pleased with the girl, who has sex with everyone (the two crooks, the boss, his wife, her maid, the girlfriends of the crooks). At the end, the boss hires a killer, who kills the two crooks.


Sandra Midori – Classic 80s porn movies

Sandra Midori - Classic 80s porn movies

Name: Hospital Da Corrupcao E Dos Prazeres

Year: 1985

Language: Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Director: Raja de Aragao

Duration: 80 min

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Actress: Sandra Midori,Aline Delatore,Elin Fraser

Actors: Jaime Cardoso,Andrea Pucci,Oswaldo Cirillo,Bentinho,Pedro Terra,Reginaldo Saad,Roberto Graziosi,Gerson Batista,Ignatio Bohemer,Nissen Danek,Bete Silva

Sandra Midori - Classic 80s porn movies

Fiscalizacao baixa em hospital suspeito de corrupcao, mas acaba encontrando muito mais que isso..em meio as orgias que corroerem no hospital, grupo tentara desmontar a quadrilha..Boca do lixo pura do cinema nacional, raridade digna de colecionador!!!